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bikri bear teddy bear pacifier holder with free jolly pop

Rs. 2200


Parents won't have to constantly bend down to pick up clean pacifiers that fall on the ground anymore with Bear Pacifier Holder from Baby Buddy. It can clip any pacifier to baby's shirt, car seat cover, and stroller safely and easily, and the other end snaps neatly to the pacifier handle. Babies won't have to be sad and frustrated because they constantly drop and lose their paci and parents can avoid carrying around multiple binkies because baby keeps dropping or throwing them, meaning no more lost pacifiers.

Pacifier clip is comfortable to wear, the cute teddy bear metal clip snap is where the good grip happens, attaches to most pacifiers, and the ribbon connects it all. This paci leash keeps baby’s pacifier close by and prevents them from becoming dirty on the ground. Simply hand-wash in warm, soapy water and allow to air dry to keep the clip and ribbon clean. Comes in a variety of colors. This is baby registry must haves as parents need helpful baby stuff to make their lives easier. These Pacifier Holders keep babies pacifiers 0-6 months old and up close by and clean, bringing relief to parents and keeping baby happy.

  • Keeps pacifier or toys clean and close to baby.
  • A cute, three-dimensional bear attaches securely to baby's clothing


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